Welcome to Allied Publishing

Welcome to Allied Publishing

Here is a brief overview of how we started.

As the brainchild of Albert Linderbergh and Michael Davis under the Central Newspaper Agency (CNA), APL started operating in 1973 and had since evolved from a simple operation into a major print media distribution company offering 3PL type business solutions in the print media space. Click here to read more about our history.

Trust the guys who deliver!

Trust the guys who deliver!

We help drive success for many companies across Africa.

The level of success achieved and the major titles we have contracted to us, bares the utmost testament to this. To date we distribute all of the major magazine and newspaper titles on a nation-wide basis, we also deliver to Botswana and Swaziland. Click here to view some of our major clients.

Our Values

  • Service to our Shareholders: Ensure Operational Excellence
  • Upholding high levels of integrity: Sound business Governance and Corporate ethics
  • Honesty and Trust: Partnership of honesty and trust with all Stakeholders
  • Respect: Treat all shareholders with dignity and respect
  • Teamwork: Grow partnerships through excellent team work

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APL Values